The FundaBac® candle filter has captivated users worldwide for its exceptional design and operational simplicity. This tubular pressure filter's unique cloverleaf candle element design is at the heart of the self-cleaning FundaBac® filter system. This design allows for efficient solid-liquid separation resulting in a polishing grade filtrate while guaranteeing adherence of the filter cake to the cloth throughout the entire filtration cycle, as well as practical and automatic cake discharge. Once the clean filtrate has passed through the filter cloth, it flows into the perforated peripheral tubes and then down to the bottom of the candle, before rising in the central tube toward the registers.

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The ContiBac® is a slightly modified FundaBac® candle filter used as a continuous filter thickener, producing concentrated slurries. Clear filtrate at a high flow rate is achieved. As a self-cleaning filter, a ContiBac® features back-washable filter elements that are flushed back with compressed gas or clear filtrate so that solids are freed into the liquid, and the resulting thickens slurry is drawn off intermittently or continuously from the bottom outlet of the filter. This solid-liquid separation process mainly applies when a continuous or semi-continuous flow is required, and inlet suspended solids are minimal.

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  • Semicontinuous or fully continuous thickening operation
  • Clear filtrate at a high throughput rate
  • Produces concentrated slurries without flow interruption
  • Unique cloverleaf shaped candle element design
  • High solids capture efficiency
  • Sub-micron particle retention capability
  • Can be designed to work by using a filter aid
    (precoat, body feed) according to the needs
  • Uniform filter cakes dependably adhere to the filter cloths
  • Can be designed to recovery valuable precious metals/catalysts
  • Fully enclosed design and automatic operation means virtually no operator intervention of materials contact
  • Lab and pilot units readily available for testing under the supervision of trained field service representatives