Gulbinat - Sanitary Ball Valves and Pigging Systems

Gulbinat manufactures ball valves and pigging systems with unique near zero dead space sealing technology. Maintenance and cleaning times for their customers have been proven to be reduced by up to 40%.

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Pigging Systems

Product residues in pipelines is a major concern in hygienic sensitive applications such as food and cosmetic products. A pigging system combined with GULBINAT hygienic valves can help to make the cleaning process easier and more efficient.

Sanitary Ball Valves

All sanitary ball valves from GULBINAT are based on the patented seals technology. The aim of the patented seals technology is to enable you an almost dead space-free production flow.

Less dead space inside sanitary ball valves and production means no product contamination for you, significantly easier cleaning of production facilities, less maintenance work. Maintenance times and production downtimes are reduced to a minimum.