DrM - Automated filtration and mixing systems with minimal liquid loss

DrM, Dr Mueller AG develops, designs and fabricates filtration systems for solid/liquid separation in the processing industries as well as Vibratory Mixers and Single-Use Technologies for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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The unique cloverleaf shaped candle element design allows for efficient solid-liquid separation resulting in a polishing grade filtrate while guaranteeing adherence of the filter cake to the cloth throughout the entire filtration cycle, as well as effective and automatic cake discharge.


The CONTIBAC® is a slightly modified FUNDABAC® candle filter used as a continuous thickener, producing concentrated slurries. Clear filtrate at a high flow-rate is achieved. Solids are flushed back into the liquid and the thickened slurry is drawn off intermittently or continuously without interrupting filtration.


The FundaMix® is a universal device for mixing liquids in open or closed vessels, under vacuum or pressure, even in sterile conditions.