Mavag - Filtration, drying and agitation technologies

Swiss precision in Funda® filtration technology and mixers, In the Benelux TAS & Company provides maintenance, overhaul, supply of spare parts and total solutions for all Mavag products. The renowned Swiss solidity and precision can be found in Mavag products. Through the knowledge and experience accumulated over decades, Mavag has acquired an excellent reputation. In addition to its own engineering department, which has also acquired several patents on their products (Funda Filters, Funda foam etc.), MAVAG also has its own production and assembly facilities.

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The FUNDA® Centrifugal Disc Filter is a totally enclosed pressure filter with horizontally arranged, self- supporting filter screens for pre-coat or residue filtration of large quantities of diluted suspensions in an automated, closed system. Heel volume filtration minimizes product losses. Cake washing occurs in a cascade operation.

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Revision & Overhaul

Besides the delivery of complete installations and original FUNDA filter parts, you can also contact TAS & Company BV for maintenance and overhaul of your filter installation. In our workshop we are specialized in the cleaning and re-tensioning of filter plates, the cleaning and overhauling of other filter package parts as upper and lower bearings. The parts are disassembled and carefully cleaned in our special ultrasonic cleaning baths. After cleaning, the filter parts are reassembled with original FUNDA parts.

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