Pigging Systems

Product residues in pipelines are a significant concern in hygienic-sensitive applications such as food and cosmetic products. A pigging system combined with Gulbinat hygienic valves can help make cleaning more accessible and more efficient. A pig is inserted into the line and driven with a liquid or gaseous propellant to do this. The geometry of the pig is slightly bigger than the inside diameter of the pipe with two sealing surfaces. This ensures that there is no mixing between propellent and product. In this way, the residual product is expelled cleanly and fully utilised. As a side effect, the pipeline is pre-cleaned at the same time.

Basically, pigging technology can be understood as a resource-saving, process-optimizing, and cost-saving element of process plants.

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  • Environmental friendly use of resources
  • Up to 99% more product Output
  • Increase of profitability
  • Saves money
  • Minimal Water and Waste water consumption
  • Quicker product changes
  • Clean Piping Systems
  • Quick Return on Investment