Sanitary Ball Valves

All sanitary ball valves from Gulbinat are based on the patented seal technology. The aim of the patented seal technology is to enable you an almost dead space-free production flow.

Less dead space inside sanitary ball valves and production means no product contamination for you, significantly easier cleaning of production facilities, and less maintenance work. Maintenance times and production downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

The stainless steel valves are assembled with a few high-quality individual parts. The simple structure of the sanitary ball valves makes maintenance and assembly work easier for you.

Disassembly and assembly can be carried out by your own internal technician. If you are looking for an efficient solution and also need a solid basis for intelligent pigging technology, then you will find a reliable partner in Gulbinat. Only with the Gulbinat ball valve Pigging technology is developing a whole new level of efficiency. In combination, the sanitary ball valves from Gulbinat enable an entirely new use of resources.

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Sanitary 3-Way Ball Valves

Like all Gulbinat hygienic ball valves, the HYG 3-Way Ball Valve is one of the most dead space-free in the world—no deposits that have to be laboriously removed, instead a perfect solution that optimises your production process.

The hygienic 3-Way Ball Valve is part of the new HYG product series from Gulbinat. All sanitary ball valves developed by Gulbinat meet the highest hygiene requirements. The modular system of our HYG Ball Valve series allows for quick retrofitting of the entire HYG series. Manually operated ball valves can be equipped quickly and easily with pneumatic actuators. An upgrade with a control head or limit switch box can also be easily implemented.

Sanitary 2-Way Ball Valve

Unique hygienic 2-Way Ball Valve from Gulbinat is one of the most dead space-free ball valves of its kind.

The HYG Ball Valve is a sustainable solution to run your production hygienically and efficiently. Cost-intensive cleaning and maintenance times are reduced. You avoid the entrapment of product residues. Thanks to the free passage, the hygienic Ball Valve is an elementary component of Pigging Systems and prevents product turbulence and bridging.

Sanitary Tank Outlet Valves

The hygienic bottom drain valve or also called the tank outlet valve from Gulbinat, ensures clean and safe emptying of the tank. The basis is the unique sealing technology and it is almost free of dead space. The design of the tank outlet valve also prevents product residue from dripping. Thanks to the passage-free design, there are no obstacles to bridging. Tanks and containers can be emptied efficiently and without leaving any residue.